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wave gotik treffen meeting point

wave gotik treffen meeting point
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The Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2009 will be from
29th of May 2009 until 01st of June 2009 in Leipzig/Germany.

Welcome to the Wave Gotik Treffin (WGT) Community.

This is for past, present or future attendees of Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT).

This is a place to meet fellow attendees and make arrangements to meet up at the festival.

There's also information about events running in Leipzig that are related to the WGT.

Feel free to introduce yourself, leave your itinerary, set up meetings, but please leave the spamming, new cd releases from bands, your non WGT related parties, auctions and other crap for other communities...
Also please respect eachother, don't diss/bitch on other people's posts, the moderators will delete such posts.

We are IN NO WAY affiliated with the official WGT medium so please don't come with questions about tickets, updates on the official site, etc. because we can tell you absolutely NOTHING...

Now with that out of the way... We hope everyone has a wonderful time at the festival, meets lots of fun people and hears tons of great music...

Your moderators are (*maintainer):

interesting/related links:

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The weather in Leipzig

Have another site we don't know about? Let us know and we will link it...

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